About our classes



Pilates is ageless and genderless. We at Riverside always describe Pilates as a manual for your body, we are here to teach you how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Pilates will challenge the strongest of men and support the gentle recovery from an injury or surgery. We will stabilise the flexible and stretch the inflexible.

Who benefits - Athlete to office worker, full time Mum/house wife to retired gentleman, golfer to expecting Mum. With hundreds of exercises and so many different styles of classes Riverside Pilates will take your body further than you ever thought your body could go.

Pilates - Which Class


For simplicity when choosing the right class for you we believe that in Pilates there are no levels so we have categorised them as 

“Posture and Alignment” - Ideal for anyone wanting to focus on their posture and body balance, suitable for any kind of aches, pains or new to Pilates. 

“Strength and Flow” – This class isn’t suitable for injuries or back complaints. Ideally for clients that have done a minimum of 6 months Pilates. 



Yoga for us at Riverside, is about everyday people taking part in this ancient practice in order to find balance, strength, flexibility, connection and a moment in their week to balance their work, life schedules and take time for them.

Self Care and Self Love isn’t Selfish!

We believe that in a society where we are taught that we must be stronger, fitter, slimmer, more beautiful, that there is great value in showing up on the mat, exactly as you are, without constantly striving to do and be more. Instead by cultivating self-acceptance, awareness and providing the right space, personal growth and transformationcan arise naturally. 

Hatha - Softer Practise


Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures. In a hatha class you can experience many different themes, styles and posture sequences. 

It is a really good place to start your Yoga practise, as many of the other styles such as Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar are all derived from the origin Hatha.

Your teacher will work on aligning your body and mind taking you through postures that are in alignment with the lunar cycles and the different meridian and chakra theories. 

Vinyasa - Soft & Strong Practise


Is one of the more modern styles of yoga, It’s a broad classification, deriving from Ashtanga and Hatha. The classes are put together in a sequence that creates a flow moving seamlessly from one pose to another using your breath.

vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way,”

No two classes are the same, Vinyasa is a great way to get a workout for your mind and body, leaving you feeling deep muscle connections and strength from within.

Otherwise known as Yoga Flow, Dynamic Yoga, Flow Style, 

Rocket Yoga


This is a strong practise, taking its roots from Ashtanga.

It is a playful, dynamic sequence that’s guaranteed to make you sweat. getting its name Rocket because ‘it gets you there faster’  It’s a moving meditation, a series of postures linked by strong breath, incorporating the basic poses as well as throwing in some fun and challenging extras!

Perfect for the traditionalist yogi with a rebellious streak – from complete beginners to Rocket old-timers. Come to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and, ultimately, bring some stillness to the mind.

Turn up, play hard, let go.