Bianca Montesi

Calm, centred and supportive, you will develop and explore your physical ability whilst encouraging Mindfulness within her classes 


Beth Allcock

Passion for posture, you will leave more mobile, and with a massive smile on your face after class as we will have fun completing a balanced, focused and strong workout. 

My classes are light hearted, supportive and I encourage clients to ask questions and suggest areas they would like to work on.

At the end of the day, I’d love you to leave class feeling a little bit stronger, and a whole lot happier.

Body Control Matwork Pilates teacher..


Charlotte Reynolds

  Expect lots of opportunity to play, chances to go upside down, and a really good stretch.

Charlotte loves a challenge and is passionate for the stronger types of Yoga. She will support you in achieving the postures you didn’t think was possible to start off with and take you through sequences that will leave your body refreshed and restored and revitalised.


Nikki Bozdoga

  Nurturing and light-hearted. You will leave the class feeling nourished and rejuvenated. 

Her classes are an opportunity to explore the contrasting softness and strength within your body, working on the key areas that need your focus. 

Suitable for all levels and though they are often inspired by the lunar cycles and seasons, weaving in chakra and meridian theory, they are designed for the everyday individual. 


Evridiki Nana

Strong, bubbly and disciplined individual that believes in working and pushing the body to unlock potentials and thrive regardless of age, background and gender! 

She delivers a dynamic class focusing on flow, accuracy and grace, while maintaining the principles of Pilates working towards maximise strength, mobility and aligned in your body and making you feel durable and keep you away from injury or help you rehabilitate existing ones.  

Grace Hardy Pilates Teacher

Grace Hardy

A fully qualified Barre and Body Control Pilates trained teacher and a member of the Body Control Pilates Association.  Since qualifying Grace has continued training with Master Teachers from the UK and America. Grace came to Pilates from a dance background having taken ballet classes since the age of four, going on to become a Cecchetti Scholar